08.02.2017 5:00PM

Are men really being oppressed?

In our latest episode there was a tweet posted by Flaw 700 stating that there was a
lot of male-bashing going on down his twitter feed that day, in which, Kilo
responded that it was because twitter is run by “black women with no kids”
While I started to become offended, I looked at myself and realized that I am a black
woman with no kids. So I began to wonder, “Am I a male basher?”

I began listening to older episodes, reading older tweets on twitter and reposts.
There was a trend. I do and did have the tendency to criticize men when they were
100% entirely wrong, and I never hesitate to retweet a cute girl in a “men are trash”

Am I the bitter black woman that the honorable/beloved/messianic Dr. Umar
Johnson warns our poor black men about?

Probably…BUT is it justified? HELL YES!

I’ve come to find out that most men find any type of critique as “bashing”. A simple
“we don’t want to be catcalled”, is an attack, but why?
You can’t be mad that people are criticizing real issues that many times put them in
danger. THAT IS NOT OPPRESSION. We’re talking about sexism, and rape culture,
and unequal pay, and you’re mad that somebody hurt your feelings on social media.


You have a right to be offended, I guess. It is a free country. I have a right to be
offended by that ugly Hawaiian shirt you have in your closet, but it’s silly. If the shoe

doesn’t fit, quit! Spend that time that you were going to spend typing out “NOT ALL”,
and use it to educate your fellow brethren on their trifling ways.
You convincing me that you’re a nice guy is not going to get you anything but an eye
roll, but think of what could be accomplished if you could actually show you weren’t
terrible by being an example?

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