#Weallwin #Podsincolor #Podernfamily

Social media marketing is becoming huge.

Being apart of a hashtag, in the podcast community, can get you far. I remember when we first started, we were just releasing our episodes on soundcloud. Marketing not only by word of mouth, but slowly by Facebook & Instagram. We would spend hours trying to figure out what our next big thing would be on Instagram. We’d watch youtube videos including the great “How to Become Famous on IG” & many others.

Eventually the Talkitout brand branched out to Twitter. Twitter was something I never thought about, in regards to marketing. I hated Twitter’s interface, how quickly things passed by your feed, the way it felt like I was screaming into an empty box with a plastic bag over my head. I slowly found my way through Twitter. (Of course with a lot of push by Gabby!!)

Hashtags are the way to market.

What finally opened by eyes about hashtags was one we were introduced to by Real & Raw Podcast (@realandrawpod); the #WeAllWin hashtag. This hashtag was the first one that threw us into the twitter abyss. I no longer felt like I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off (if you’re from the southern United States you know that saying). I felt like what we said actually mattered. #WeAllWin is a really big family where podcasters come together to promote each other. Just like a family you have the uncle always on a business trip, DMurph (@ItsDMurph), the auntie that’s always flawless, Jackie (@im_just_jackie), and the ex-player older cousin who finally settled down, Q (@_q_the_great).

#WeAllWin isn’t the only hashtag we started using during our twitter emerge. #PodernFamily became another which nearly half of other podcasts on twitter use. #PodernFamily stretches from twitter to tumblr. This hashtag is literally everywhere. The best part about this hashtag is no matter who you repost, the same person will repost you back.

Last but not least the #PodsInColor hashtag. A hashtag created by Berry (@podcastsincolor) to bring people of color podcasts into the light. #PodsInColor is the largest directory of podcasts for people of color. This is a great hashtag that really brings love to people of color, especially when the podcast community can sometimes be as white as a loaf of bread.

Hashtags aren’t always the drama-free way to go.

While twitter and hashtags have made it easier for the Talkitout brand to expand, it hasn't always been drama free. During a recent tweet by Berry (@podcastsincolor) she made it clear she didn’t want people using #Podin & #PodsInColor in the same tweet. Her explaination: ‘#Podin’ is used when you’re listening to someone else’s podcast. ‘#PodsInColor’ is for promotion of said podcast. Although Berry had a valid point one podcast felt differently.