Jesus loves hoes this i know

03.16.2018 7:59PM

Has anyone seen the movie Lean on Me starring Morgan Freeman? It’s one of my favorite movies and the soundtrack is amazing. One song Everybody is Somebody by Riff, Teen Dream & Taja Sevelle is my favorite song from the movie… well it's in the top two. Our podcast this week Jesus Loves H*es This i Know w/ @unfitchristian talks about who the church considers somebodies and who they consider nobodies. We talked to D. Danyelle Thomas of the blog Unfit Christians about why Millennials are high on the Nobody list.

Danyelle Thomas is a very eloquent and passionate speaker; especially when it comes to what she believes in. The definition she gives of an “Unfit Christian” is a questioning Christian who after moving (physically, mentally, or spiritually) away from church for various reasons (residential move, change of preachers, school, life etc.) doesn’t know if they believe in what they’re taught anymore but do believe in God.

The millennials range from the age of 18-35. And I have been told that we millennials are the generation that is “too accepting”. However, it was said to me in a tone that indicated it was a bad thing to be so accepting. It makes me wonder if it really is a generational gap that has millennials leaving the church.

I spoke on the podcast about my church and how the majority of our members are elderly and how we really don’t have any young adults. Even though the church is trying to produce a young adult group, it's hard to do so.

Most of young adults leave the church to be with those they feel comfortable with. People hate to feel judged; many churches do teach intolerance to those who are not like them.Chuches I have attended over the years, and I’m sure many other as well, have specific views about what it means to be... and, who is considered to be christian or religious. With the millennials of today being so “accepting” with different values and different mindsets that the older generation don’t share... it’s not hard to understand why millennials leave the church.

So, my Question(s) of the week are simple. After listening to our Podcast do you agree or disagree with the definition given of an “Unfit Christian”? Why or Why not? If a person of faith finds themselves questioning their beliefs; should the label Christian (or Muslim,Catholic etc.) be changed to add “unfit” in front of it? Can we as millennials choose to accept all people from all walks of life but also still believe in whatever faith we choose to? Can we as people especially people of faith remember … “Everybody is Somebody.”

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I’ll be sure to write more blogs so send in ideas if you have them.