09.03.2017 6:34PM

So I have a riddle for you. What lives in a barrel and never gets out? What is free to wonder but never travels too far? Do you know the answer? It's CRABS (The Animal).

So those may not have been the best riddles ,but I wanted to try something FUNFRENT(fun & different). Now, what do CRABS have to do with me you might ask? Some people have this mentality that in order for them to succeed they have to pull someone down. This is called crabs in a barrel mentality. It's a saying that's used by most people (especially here in the South) and though we know what it means we often find ourselves either a perpetrator or victim of it.

Now, let's be honest ,wanting to succeed is not a bad thing and neither is wanting something for yourself and not another. We all have that human instinct that drives us toward getting what we want whether it's pride, ambition, insecurity, or even selfishness. However when our pride, ambitions, insecurities, and/or selfishness start to take over us ,and we start doing or saying things that hurt another person professionally or personally then it becomes a problem.

Some friends of mine and I had a discussion about a very similar subject. However, one of my friends was quick to associate this ‘crab mentality’ with black people. Her belief was that the reason why black people as a whole are so far behind is that we don’t want to see anyone of us besides ourselves win. Personally, I think she’s combining too many different topics into one and making a general statement ,but I know many people who have similar views. The truth is that all cultures and communities can be accused of the ‘crab mentality’ not just African-Americans.

So, podcasters turned blog post viewers or our regular blog post viewers, the question(s) of the week is this… How do we recognize the ‘crab mentality’ in not just others but ourselves? Do you agree with my friend that the ‘crab mentality’ is specific in regards towards African-Americans? How can we succeed in our lives professionally and personally without using ‘crab mentality’? Can we as a people (not just black people) rise above this ‘crab mentality’?

Let me know what you think, and don’t worry this is only Blog post part 1 of ‘Crab Mentality’. Leave a comment at any of our social media sites with the hashtag #JoysQoW and let me know! Also leave thoughts on what you think I should write about on future post or let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns you would like me to answer?

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