08.05.2017 4:55PM

So, Let's dive Right in. OK, -sigh- I've had major negative push back this week from some people that are supposed to be closest to me. Lately, it seems like no one can or is willing to understand me and my view. I feel as if I’ve been solely blamed for things that I didn’t do alone, but because I have a “demanding” presence people only remember me!

Let’s PAUSE… What exactly is a “demanding” presence, and is it something I should have to apologize for … REPEATEDLY? I think when people are close to you they come to expect certain behavior. But, if I’ve naturally changed for the better, in my opinion, then that forced expectation is hardly fair, Is it? Now I feel weird around the people I’m supposed to be myself around.

​So this week's questions are simple and please take some time so answer. What do u do when the only criticism you get comes from those closest to you about something that should be accepted at face value. Your personality? Do you change yourself or go and find people that do accept you for you? My sister said (and I’m paraphrasing), “You change. If someone close to you tells you to change something it's usually for the better.”

I know the answer is not that simple but sometime it feels like … I have to adapt for my family and for the world. However, Family and Friends are the ones who should accept you and your personality at face value. Of course people change for the better and for the worse depending on their own situations; however, constantly criticizing a person on a non-offensive personality trait is unhelpful, it’s mean.

So blog world help me out! What is a “Demanding Presence?” Do you change yourself or go and find people that do accept you for you? Do I stay true to me when it comes to those closest or adapt to those around me while I'm with them? And is that fake if I do? Let me know what your thoughts are.

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